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We have provided as much up to date information as we can on the web site to help tortoise keepers in the UK do a good job of caring for their animals. 

The information is regularly updated and you can contact us by email, phone or through Facebook if you have any questions. Do join our Facebook page forum and like us on Facebook.
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After keeping tortoises of many species, some of whom have been very sick, we have a great deal of experience of tortoise care and husbandry. Jane completed her M.Sc. at the University of Southampton in 2012 having researched ‘The Welfare Needs of Captive Mediterranean Tortoises in the UK’. 

This provided useful information about how tortoise keepers try to meet the needs of their tortoise and the areas we need to improve. As a result, we have included as much information as we can about indoor and outdoor accommodation, feeding and hibernation on this site.

Do look at our care sheets for more advice. We have also provided links to other useful web sites which we know are managed by organisations which are modern and practical in their approach to tortoise ownership. These sites will have additional information which is consistent with the approach to tortoise keeping we have.

We have meetings twice a year in Essex, if pandemic conditions allow. We also offer on-line meetings for safety where conditions require that. We also put on workshops; get involved in conferences, behaviour and veterinary events.

If you would like to join our group, complete the information requested on our contact page. We are keen to expand and include as many tortoise keepers as we can in our group, which is devoted to improving the care and husbandry of captive tortoises in the UK.
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